About Us

Purpl Scientific (Purpl) is an innovation company dedicated to the evolution of the cannabis industry.

Our products reduce the mystery and guesswork of cannabis quality and chemical composition throughout the complete lifecycle, from cultivation to consumption.

We are an advanced tech organization that prides itself an simplifying complexity.

We pack a ton of new generation technologies into our hand-held applications that are excedingly powerful, amazingly fast, extremely affordable, and controlled with the click of a button.

Foundation in Agriculture and Food Safety

We harness the same science and technology that was originally developed for the agriculture and pharmaceutical industries. For over seventy years this approach has been used to ensure quality, integrity and consistency throughout the complete value chain.

While superior in enabling food safety, these legacy solutions for big agriculture and big pharma, were developed with a large physical footprint and a price tag that limited adoption for all but a few multi-national companies.

In essence, we have taken these legacy food safey solutions and shrunk them…both in size and price…without reducing their power and effect.

User Experience Research

Purpl Scientific’s development team is based in Finland, the birthplace of the cell phone industry.

Our team of innovators, scientists and engineers are renowned experts in optical science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, miniturization, networking, mobile application development and more.

Historically, we have focused our energies on improving food safety across the globe.

Through Purpl we have further refined our experience and power for the cannabis industry, adding a team of cannabis scientists, researchers and consultants.

A story in Research

The PurplPro is our initial product (or, solution), but it is also a platform for future growth. Today, we are focused on what we feel is one of the most significant issues in our industry, Potency. Currently, unless you have a complete lab at your disposal, there is no way to know the potency of your cannabis product. As we move forward, we would love your feedback on the capabilities you would like to see from our products/solutions. GIVE FEEDBACK


Moisture Measurment

Turpene Measurement

Ruggedization of PurplPro

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