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As the Industry matures, cultivators and teams will always look for ways to improve and refine their techniques. Incorporating new tools and technology is a crucial part of refining the craft of cannabis. New tools can solve a problem or rough spot in a work flow, improve the efficiency and insight of an already skilled grower, and unlock new data points that improve the quality of the cannabis produced by a garden.

The Delta9 team do our best to stay looking forward, and to seek out tech that cannabis cultivators can use to improve their craft while gaining competitive advantage. In July we added two pieces of technology that give indoor and outdoor growers and processors new capabilities to inspect and measure their flowers and concentrates.

Purpl PRO is produced by D9S partners Purpl Scientific. It is the first affordable, accurate, portable potency measurement device for the cannabis industry. The Purpl PRO is a combination of a “laboratory bench” device the size of a Post-It stack and a mobile App that allows users to run the system through a smartphone.

This handheld device uses near-infrared spectroscopy, which involves the sample to infra-red light waves and analyzing the light that is refracted and reflected back. In this part of the light spectrum (just beyond the red light human eyes can see) molecules react to specific regions of the light to generate a “molecular fingerprint” that can be correlated with concentration. The Purpl PRO was calibrated against HPLC measurements from multiple state-certified testing laboratories. This technology was originally developed for agricultural measurements 70 years ago and has since been integrated into all kinds of different manufacturing and pharmaceutical QA systems.

The Purpl PRO has been refined and tuned specifically for cannabinoids and is already changing the cannabis industry.  The Purpl Pro is crazy accurate Overall, Purpl states a +/- 2% accuracy on THC and CBD for simplicity. Statistically, it is +/- 1.89% on THC and +/- 0.96% on CBD, determined by comparison with lab HPLC measurements. The test cycle takes less than 2 minutes, allowing up to 30 tests an hour!