Shane McKee knows something about growing.  As the Executive Vice President of Cultivation at Shango – a vertically integrated grower, processor and multi-state dispensary operator – Shane is responsible for making sure that the company’s products maintain the highest standards for quality and consistency. And using the Purpl PRO is critical to his success.

In Shango’s robust operation, the Purpl PRO is utilized regularly at several key junctures. In the grow room, individual plants are tested, identified, and labeled for potency values. In the cure room, up to six individual potency readings from each plant are taken so that flower can be sorted into appropriate categories for use in products ranging from pre-rolls to extractions.

“As our plants are approaching harvest, we test 6 times to get accurate insight into the plant’s potency. We throw out the highest and lowest readings, and average the rest, McKee said. “ Our results are spot on. While we still send to the lab for compliance, I know exactly where our levels are, and if the lab comes back differently, I know there is a problem.”

The management at Shango feels it’s smart to test so thoroughly…. Their reputation rides on their quality and consistency. As the grower for Tommy Chong’s Cannabis in Oregon and Nevada, and the partner to Mary’s Medicinals, the executives at Shango know they must deliver quality product – with consistency and integrity. Purpl PRO is a key tool in assuring the company meets it standards and keeps its promises.

“The Purpl PRO keeps me so well informed about my crop that I can tell when the lab has recalibrated their instruments. It’s that accurate.”

Shane McKee
Shango Cannabis