St. Louis, MO – June 6, 2019 – Purpl Scientific announced today that, after several years in development and a successful beta test, the Company has launched its groundbreaking portable cannabis potency testing solution to the world. Named the Purpl PRO, the device brings unprecedented mobility, insight and limitless lab-accurate THC and CBD tests to a market with a glaring need for transparency and accountability. The Purpl PRO is available for sale through authorized distributors for $1,495.

The Purpl PRO is a hand-held solution that turns the user’s smartphone into a robust cannabis potency testing system and provides lab-accurate results in under ten seconds. The Purpl PRO harnesses the same science and technology that was originally developed for the commercial agriculture and pharmaceutical industries to ensure cannabis quality, integrity and consistency throughout the entire value chain. In order to develop this purpose-built solution for instant cannabis potency testing, the Purpl Scientific team of innovators, scientists and engineers drew on their deep knowledge in optical science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, miniaturization, networking and mobile application development.

“This solution is purpose built for the cannabis market,” says Chad Lieber, President of Purpl Scientific. “By delivering the world’s first truly mobile cannabis potency testing solution, we are enabling transparency in a market where product labeling is only inching towards standardization. For the first time ever, anyone can verify the potency of their product in seconds.  The implications are incredible as we lift the veil on cannabis quality.”    

As the cannabis market continues its exponential growth, cannabis quality, product safety, and regulatory compliance are escalating topics of discussion and concern.  Cannabis testing is a critical component throughout the value chain, from cultivation through consumption, and the Purpl PRO provides an entire industry with instant access to critical information.

Throughout the multi-phase development and testing efforts, the scientists at Purpl Scientific partnered with a number of the premier cannabis testing labs in the United States.  The teams were driven to deliver a solution that is consistently accurate regardless of cannabis strain or composition.  The result is a solution that provides the user the capability to measure sample after sample, with reliably accurate results.

“Cannabis potency doesn’t have to be a mystery or an assumption,” says Lieber. “With the Purpl PRO, you turn your mobile phone into your very own state-of-the-art cannabis potency testing system.”


About Purpl Scientific

Purpl Scientific Inc. (Purpl) is an innovation company dedicated to the evolution of the cannabis industry.  Our products reduce the mystery and guesswork of cannabis quality and chemical composition throughout the entire lifecycle, from cultivation to consumption. We are an advanced tech organization that prides itself on simplifying complexity.  We pack a ton of new generation technologies into our hand-held applications that are exceedingly powerful, amazingly fast, extremely affordable, and controlled with the click of a button.


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