The “+H2O Pack” is an optional upgrade to the popular system.

St. Louis, MO June 3, 2020 – Purpl Scientific (, developer of the Purpl PRO – the lab accurate, hand-held cannabis and hemp potency measurement system – announced it will soon release the “+H20 Pack” – an optional add on that measures water activity and moisture percentage in cannabis and hemp flower.

The Purpl PRO is a robust cannabis and hemp potency testing system that provides unlimited lab-accurate results in under ten seconds. The cloud-connected device can go anywhere – giving users the resources of a full-scale lab in the palm of their hand.

The +H20 Pack is an optional upgrade that allows users of the Purpl PRO to add moisture percentage and water activity measurements to their test results.Existing methods to measure moisture and water activity are cumbersome, time consuming, and costly. Using the Purpl PRO, these measurements can be made in seconds, without destroying the sample. This allows users to determine the best time to release product to the market, gain critical insight into product composition, better control mold, mildew and fungus, and be optimally positioned to command the highest possible prices.

“Drying and curing is an essential component of the cultivation cycle,” said Chad Lieber, CEO of Purpl Scientific. “The Purpl PRO provides a powerful, portable, and affordable tool that helps cultivators master their harvest in ways never before possible.”

The +H20 Pack is currently in beta testing and will be released soon.

For more information on Purpl Scientific or the Purpl PRO or the new +H20 Pack, call: (833) 787-7534 or visit:

About Purpl Scientific, Inc.

Purpl Scientific developed the Purpl PRO to provide lab-quality test results in a compact, portable device. The Purpl PRO confirms cannabis quality and chemical composition throughout the lifecycle – from cultivation to consumption. Using technology proven in the pharmaceutical industry, the Purpl PRO is the world’s first potency and moisture testing system that provides lab accurate, instantaneous results in a powerful, yet affordable cloud-connected device that fits in the palm of your hand.


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