The portable, lab-accurate potency and moisture measurement device now lasts significantly longer between charges

St. Louis, MO – August 12, 2020 –

Purpl Scientific (, developer of the Purpl PRO – the affordable, lab-accurate, hand-held potency and moisture measurement system for cannabis and hemp – announced it released a free firmware update to improve device battery life.

The Purpl PRO, like most electronic devices, will lose charge over time, even when turned off. With the free firmware update, the device will now hold a charge for about 3-times longer, giving users more days of measurement between charges.

To complete the free update, visit the Purpl Scientific website and follow the instructions on the Support page.

The Purpl PRO is a robust app-based system that provides highly accurate potency measurement tests in under ten seconds. The cloud-connected device can go anywhere – giving users the resources of a full-scale lab in the palm of their hand.

The Purpl PRO provides unlimited, free potency tests. Users of the Purpl PRO can also obtain water activity and moisture measurements with the optional +H20 Pack, which is available on a monthly subscription fee basis. For a limited time, the +H20 Pack is available for free on a 30-day trial. With this powerful combination of tests, growers can gain substantial insight and increase quality control.

The Purpl PRO was designed by leading spectroscopy scientists from the U.S. and Europe. The team adapted technology used in critical pharmaceutical applications to develop the world’s most advanced and affordable system of its kind. As the premier portable testing device serving the cannabis and hemp market, Purpl PRO has been used in over 150,000 tests worldwide.

For information on purchasing a Purpl PRO, or to download the free Battery Life Fix Firmware Update, visit:, or call: (833) 787-7534.


About Purpl Scientific

Purpl Scientific Inc. (Purpl) is an innovation company dedicated to the evolution of the cannabis industry.  Our products reduce the mystery and guesswork of cannabis quality and chemical composition throughout the entire lifecycle, from cultivation to consumption. We are an advanced tech organization that prides itself on simplifying complexity.  We pack a ton of new generation technologies into our hand-held applications that are exceedingly powerful, amazingly fast, extremely affordable, and controlled with the click of a button.


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